Top 10 Tips to Help You Find the Best Drug Rehab Center

Are you trying to track down a drug rehab center that can help you battle drug addiction effectively?

Locating a rehab center shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are more than 14,000 rehab centers scattered across the country right now. And there are more and more of them popping up every day as America’s drug problem continues to spiral way out of control.

The problem, though, is that not all drug rehab centers are going to be right for you. You need to find the one that’s going to be able to provide you with treatment that you’ll respond best to during your rehab stint.

It’s not always easy to find the right rehab center. But it’s more than possible if you’re willing to put in some time and effort.

Here are 10 tips that will help you find the best drug rehab center.

1. Look for a Drug Rehab Center Located in the Right Area

Do you want to check yourself into a rehab center in your city? Or would you prefer to check yourself into one located far, far away from wherever you’re at now?

Those struggling with addiction often prefer to spend time in rehab centers located in places other than where they live. The thought is that it takes them out of their normal environment and removes some of the temptations from their lives.

That said, checking yourself into a rehab center may also remove you from the support system that exists in your hometown. That could make life more difficult for you when the rehab process starts to get tough.

Regardless of where you want to check into a rehab center, it’s important to consider the location carefully. It could make or break your entire rehab experience.

2. Make Sure a Rehab Center Can Treat Your Specific Drug Addiction

There are many people who are under the assumption that all drug rehab centers treat all forms of addiction. But this isn’t true.

Most rehab centers have programs set up for those dealing with heroin addiction these days. Heroin has become a huge problem in the U.S., so many rehab centers have programs devoted to treating those addicted to it.

But if you’re struggling with an addiction to, say, methamphetamines, you might find that not all rehab centers will offer the treatment you need.

Before you get in too deep and strongly consider checking into one specific rehab center, see what services they offer. You want to double check to make sure they can provide you with the right kind of addiction treatment.

3. Always Check to See If a Rehab Center Is Licensed and Accredited

Every U.S. state has a different way of licensing and accrediting the rehab centers located within their borders.

Prior to checking yourself into a rehab center, you want to make sure they have the proper licenses and accreditations in place. Ask the head of admissions at the rehab center to provide you with proof of a license and cross-reference it with the license requirements in the state in which the rehab center is located.

4. Consider If an Inpatient or Outpatient Program Is Best for You

Do you want to check yourself into a rehab center and spend at least several weeks living there while you battle addiction? If so, you’re going to want to find a rehab center that offers an inpatient program.

Would you prefer to spend part of the day at the rehab center of your choice and the rest of it at home as you work your way through your treatment program? If so, then you’re going to want to find a rehab center that offers an outpatient program.

You can also find rehab centers that offer both inpatient and outpatient programs or a combination of the two. You need to think about which type of program will meet your specific treatment needs.

5. Find Out How a Rehab Center Handles the Detox Process

Going through detox is arguably the hardest part of battling addiction. During detox, your body will experience a lot of physical and psychological side effects that accompany giving up a drug.

Some people are able to successfully detox in just a few days without enduring any serious complications. But many others will go through side effects that will wreak havoc on their bodies and minds.

In some cases, detox can even be life-threatening. Those who have been using drugs for years can’t simply stop using them and function normally.

A good rehab center should have a plan in place for those going through detox. They should also have a 24/7 medical team who can respond to any emergency situations related to the detox process.

6. Learn as Much as You Can About the Staff at a Rehab Center

Once you’re checked into a rehab center, you’re going to spend a lot of time working closely with the staff there to address your addiction issues. At one time or another, you’re likely going to come into contact with:

  • Medical doctors and nurses
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Support group leaders
  • Detox specialists
  • Social workers
  • And more

The rehab center you choose should provide you with easy access to all of these staff members. The staff members should be highly skilled and ready to help you win your fight with addiction.

7. Tour a Rehab Center to Get a Feel for the Atmosphere

Every rehab center looks and feels a little bit different when you walk through the front doors.

There are some rehab centers that have a clinical feel to them. You’ll almost feel like you’re at a hospital as you walk the halls.

Others are luxury rehab centers. They’re often located near beaches and oceans and are designed to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

The only way to get a true feel for what a rehab center is like is by taking a tour of it. You can see what the atmosphere is like and get a sense for whether it might work for you.

The more you like a rehab center, the better the chances of you staying at it for treatment as long as you have to.

8. See What Kind of Extended Care a Rehab Center Offers

Most rehab centers will treat those battling addiction for four to five weeks before sending them on their way. Check with the rehab center you’re interested in most to see how long their programs last.

While you’re at it, see if there are any extended care options as well. Some rehab centers will allow people to stick around for 60 or even 90 days to make sure they’re able to completely kick their drug habit.

Many of these rehab centers will also offer post-rehab counseling to patients. If you think you’re going to need extended care options, it’s best to start your treatment with a rehab center that’ll be able to provide them for you later.

9. Ask About the Success Stories Associated With a Rehab Center

Rehab centers that have helped a lot of people beat addiction are usually more than happy to share their success stories with you. They might even be able to provide you with statistics that’ll illustrate how many people have enjoyed success with their treatment programs.

You should always ask the admissions director at a rehab center to share some success stories with you. Ideally, those stories should focus on those who sat where you’re sitting today, battling the same addiction as you.

This will show you that a rehab center is committed to helping people succeed. It’ll also offer you some hope as you move forward.

10. Inquire About the Cost for a Rehab Center’s Treatment Programs

Cost is something that you’re obviously going to be concerned about before checking into a rehab center. Unless money is no object to you, you’re going to be worried about how much a rehab center is going to cost.

Your health insurance company might swoop in and cover the cost of some rehab centers. But if they don’t, there are rehab centers that might be able to work out a payment plan for you or even get you some form of financial aid for treatment.

Try not to base your entire decision on the price of a particular rehab center, though. If you think a center will give you a great chance to bounce back from addiction, do whatever you can to get yourself checked into it.

Start Searching for the Right Drug Rehab Center Today

There are so many things to consider when searching for the right drug rehab center. Try not to get too overwhelmed by it all.

Instead, ask the right questions to admissions directors and go with your gut when it comes time to decide on which rehab center is your best option. This is a big step that you’re taking, and it’s good for you to feel 100 percent confident in your final decision.

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