There are several levels of care for people at all different places in their struggle against drug abuse. Avante treatment centers offer help at all of those levels. Avante is “a way forward” in Spanish, and that is what we are in any language, a way forward from drug addiction. It took time to get addicted and it takes time to recover, but there are steps along the way to get to that level of recovery.  The goal for patients is to reach a sustainable, workable, and independent level of sobriety.

People with drug addiction issues, as well as people who also have mental health issues, can benefit greatly from the different levels of our program. Inpatient treatment offers the support and structure needed to make positive changes in one’s life.

Our Residential Inpatient rehab offers 24-hour care in a safe and secure place for you to work on recovery.  People entering our program get a complete evaluation to determine the level of care needed. This also involves a personal plan for each patient.  Each client will also have a counselor that will work with him or her on an individual basis. The counselor will work with the patient to determine when he or she is ready to move to another level of treatment. From inpatient treatment, you may go to residential type care or treatment on an outpatient basis.

Inpatient treatment is designed for people with severe addictions and those who have addictions paired along with other mental health issues. Constant monitoring is needed in these cases for the best treatment and for the patient’s safety. Often people who have been heavy users of drugs cannot go even a few hours without a strong compulsion to use the drug again.  This, of course, would have a detrimental effect on treatment and could even be dangerous.

People do start using drugs of their own free will at first, in most cases. But once addicted they often don’t have control over themselves. Addiction results in an intense craving for the drug and a compulsion to seek the drug. The ability to think straight and make good decisions is hampered by the withdrawal.

Modern research shows there are changes in the brain that make it very difficult to overcome addiction. The ability to avoid using drugs is compromised because of the effects of the drug on the user’s brain. It is not advisable, and not always safe, to try to quit by yourself for this reason. Professional help, like what is offered at Avante Treatment Centers, knows how to help people overcome their addictions.

The goal of our drug treatment, as well as treatment for alcohol addiction, is to stabilize the patient. Getting the symptoms of withdrawal, addiction, and any mental issues stabilized is the first step. From there, Avante Treatment Centers offer the support and structure people need to continue on the road to recovery. Inpatient treatment can include intensive monitored environments or one that is less so. The goal is to get the patient stabilized, but that is just the first step toward the ultimate goal of sobriety and to a state of not being controlled by addiction.

Reach out to Avante Treatment Centers, where we can help you change your life for the better. Recovery is a long process, but you have to take that first step of reaching out for help. Sobriety is something that is attainable with our professional programs that are created to fit each individual. Everyone is different, but we can help you create the plan that will best fit your needs and goals in getting beyond drug addiction.


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