Luxury Medical Detox in Utah

Our Utah Detox Program

The process of Detox is clearing the body of drugs or alcohol that may be causing a person a problem. This is not a drug treatment program in itself but can be the starting point for drug treatment, and it is for many people. At Avante Treatment Centers, we have the know-how and latest equipment that can help you detox in a safe way. Stopping drugs immediately and by yourself is not recommended, and can be dangerous. The latest science shows the best approach is to have medical care during withdrawal at a place like an Avante Treatment Center.

We use the latest approaches to help you ease off drugs or alcohol, and try to make it as comfortable as we can. There are physical changes that happen, to your brain and body, during detox. Your brain changed as you became addicted, and it is a long road back to recovery for many people. That is why we are here.
Our programs include things like:

Comprehensive assessment. This means a complete physical examination, as well as mental assessments, to find out where you are and what the best way is to get where you want to be. An effective detox program must take into consideration a person’s medical history and that person’s individual needs.

Constant care. Another great thing at Avante Treatment Centers is that you have care available at all times. The staff monitors each patient, making sure they are as comfortable as they can be and that they feel taken care of.

Medication. Our doctors prescribe medications that can help with physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal.
At home. You will feel like you are in someone’s home, not a bland hospital room. Our centers are warm and welcoming. They are a place where you can truly relax as you body is detoxed.

Alternatives. We also use various alternative treatments, as necessary, to lessen withdrawal discomfort.
Massage therapist can ease muscle cramps and tension related to withdrawal. This helps our patients feel calmer as they begin recovery work.

Acupuncture is relatively new in the United States but is an ancient Chinese medical procedure. These techniques can relieve insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety, and many other issues.

Neurofeedback is another relatively new procedure that helps with pain, anxiety, drug cravings, insomnia, and other issues related to detox. This has also been show to help with concentration.  The latest findings show Neurofeedback can help a person establish healthier patterns in the way they think, which helps with recovery from addiction.

We realize, at Avante Treatment Centers, that you are an individual first. Each person has his or her own situation and issues that they may or may not share with any other individual. Our treatments are tailored to fit the individual. For instance, some patients are not going to benefit from beginning treatment while still in detox. Others start treatment right away.  There is no requirement to participate in group meetings or other programs.  If you feel ready you may do so, but the point is to find the best way to help our patients.

Getting over drug addiction is not simple or easy. Doing it wrong, or on your own, can have very bad consequences. Detox can also be painful if not done well. Some people leave treatment early because of the discomfort of withdrawal.

Avante is a Spanish word meaning “moving forward,” and that is our primary goal at Avante Treatment Centers. We help people move forward. You don’t have to have it all figured out because we are here to help you get cleaned up and detoxed so you can clearly see the path ahead.


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