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Top 10 Benefits of Attending a Luxury Rehab Center

21.5 million Americans (or 8.1% of the population) struggle with a substance use disorder. Whether you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol addiction, you likely know the first-hand stress of feeling powerless and scared about your next move....

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Drug Addict Behavior: 9 Signs Someone is Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse is a serious epidemic. Drugs such as cocaine and prescription pills carry a huge risk of addiction. Drug addiction can affect -- and ruin -- a person's entire life. Identifying a drug addict isn't easy. You may only see your best friend using drugs in...

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How to Stage an Intervention

Is your loved one of the many victims of addiction? If they're still in denial then you've probably thought about staging an intervention for them but we all know that it can go very badly if you're not careful about your approach. A light touch and a lot of care are...

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