At Avante Recovery Center we believe that recovering in surroundings that remind you the luxury you have grown accustomed aids in the transition to sober.  We also believe that having the best employees means the best level of care for our clients.  This is why at Avante, we have hired only the best Utah based staff available.


Start the process of recovery by entering a residential detoxification center.  Unlike many detox facilities that are more hospital based, our detox program provides clients with not only the highest level of care, but also a luxury surrounding with all the amenities needed to ease the client into sobriety.


Our luxury residential addiction center is nothing short of top of the line.  From the huge home to the executive linens and decor, our clients feel safe and at home. Our luxury doesn’t end there.  As we employee the best clinical team in Utah we offer several modalities most centers do not.


Holistic Treatment

Addiction treatment isn’t just about what the use of drugs or alcohol.  Its about the reason behind it. At Avante Recovery Center we work to understand the “why” behind the behavior and work through it. This provides our clients with an easier recovery experience while providing knowledge to the client as to why things are the way they are.



The first part of our holistic treatment is treating the mind.  This is done through advanced modalities such as EMDR and CBT therapies to help find the areas of the brain or trauma causing the addiction.  From here, we work with our client daily to help them through this blockage in the mind, releasing them from the grasp of addiction.



The body is a reflection of the mind.  As such, we provide health, professionally cooked meals for our clients.  We also provide daily work outs and access to a gym. This provides our clients the ability to burn off energy or anger. Most clients choose to continue with their physical workouts well after leaving.  When your mind and body are aligned, the soul will follow.



The soul is the last piece of the holistic treatment puzzle. By treating the mind and body the soul can grow and learn to enjoy the little things.  Such as reading, golf, tennis, art, etc. Avante Recovery Center provides these activities to our clients as they recover to ensure they have moments to enjoy their new found sobriety.

Why Choose Avante

The term “avante” translates to “moving forward” and that is what we believe in.  We believe that all of our clients are taking the most important step in their long lasting recovery and are “moving forward” when they enter our facility. This is why we have thought of every aspect of medical detox and residential care when building not only our luxury Utah center, but also when developing our treatment model and modalities. Our goal here is to provide a safe, luxury environment for those suffering from alcohol abuse and drug addiction that actually provides lasting recovery to those ready to “move forward” with life.

We offer results based addiction treatment. This is done by offering a truly holistic approach to recovery and how to remain sober once you leave our facility. Part of this is teaching our clients and their families how to deal with issues when they arise. We are realistic and know that the real battle starts when you leave treatment, which is why we have one of the most extensive aftercare programs in the country. When you complete your stay with Avante Recovery Center, you leave with a plan, outpatient appointments, and follow up calls with our staff to ensure your long term success.


  • Evidence Based Treatment
  • 12-Step Program
  • Luxury Facility
  • 3 times the minimum hours of one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Highest Quality Staff in Utah

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